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Sylvie Grenier

Sylvie is a bilingual Board Certified assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) from the North, servicing children and their families in schools and homes. She has a well-rounded, seasoned background in Applied Behaviour Analysis, education and training for children and adolescents with ASD and developmental disabilities, with sound knowledge of theory and practice of ABA, social groups and sexuality. 

Over the past two decades, Sylvie has worked in-home settings, public schools, residential programs, and community settings for children and adolescents with challenging behaviors and disabilities, to improve their ability to function independently as members of our community, home and school.

Offering quality services with a superior level of fidelity, Sylvie has maintained a reputation for integrity, reliability and dedication to the children and families she serves.

Sylvie was recognized by Autism Ontario for the Gerry Bloomfield Excellence Award in 2018 for sitting as a Panel Member on the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee in 2017. 

She is a member in good standing of the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis (ONTABA) and ABA International (ABAI).  

She has been trained and maintains her certifications in these trainings;

  • Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI), Provincial Training, November 2007

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Certificate Training, Julie Koudys, BCBA-D, February 2008

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Course, Ethical Principles, Assessment and Treatment,  Dr Tom Managhan, October – December 2008

  • Verbal Behaviour, Holly Kibbe / Cherish Twigg, May 2009

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis, Social inclusion in the classroom, Joel Hundert, BCBA-D, May 2010

  • Sexuality and emotion management for adolescents with ASD, Dr Isabelle Héneault, April 2010

  • Socia-sexuality Groups, Dr Isabelle Héneault, October 2010

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Certificate Training, TAPE Educational Services Inc., January - June 2010

  • Developing Life Skills and addressing problem behaviour, Dr Gregory Hanley, BCBA-D, March 2012

  • PEERS, Dr Elizabeth Laugeson, UCLA, June 2016

  • IISCA (Interview-Informed Sytnhesized Contingency Analysis) Dr Gregory Hanley, BCBA-D, May 2109

  •  ABAI annual conference, May 2011, 2013, 2016

  • ONTABA annual conference, November 2017-2019

  • Current Crisis and Prevention Intervention Certificate, 2009-2019

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